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Beard Styling Made Easy with Gatsby Shaving Gel

Just like your crowning glory, your beard style speaks volumes about your personality. When styled appropriately, it accentuates your features bringing out the best in you. Each individual has his preference on the length of his beard and the style that he would like to sport. While some prefer to keep it short, simple and manageable, others wear a full long lumberjack with absolute flamboyance.

Shave smarter with Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type for that perfect, well-groomed look. Its clear, non-foaming formulation provides maximum visibility for a close and accurate shave, helping you to design your own style with ease. It contains Menthol which gives you a cool after shave sensation and the fresh aqua citrus fragrance leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling great.

Why Shaving Gel?

The transparent see-through gel has an application that is lather-less and often has low alcohol content which is great for people with problematic and sensitive skin.

Gels tend to be more lubricating and add that extra layer of protection, allowing the skin to stay moisturized. It enhances razor glide and saves you from cuts and nicks.

Shaving Gels are great for water-free use and can be used on your beard, moustache, sideburns, and even for head clean ups, or shaving all over - you can now put it all on the line.

What makes Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type your ideal choice?

Dive right in to know more:

Lubrication: The secret to a smooth and comfortable shave!

It creates a thin layer of protection between your skin and the razor which reduces friction and minimizes the risk of cuts, redness, razor burns, and irritation.

Checking: Beard styling made easy!

The transparent gel offers better visibility so that you can clearly see where you're moving your razor. It helps in precision shaving to create a well chiseled beard style.

Hydration: Refreshes and softens beard for a fresh feeling deep shave.

Thick coarse hair is difficult to shave. Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type penetrates quickly and softens facial hair helping to reduce razor drag which results in a smoother and easier shaving experience. Menthol provides a fresh and cooling sensation and moisturizing agents leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth to the touch.

How To Style Your Beard?

Step 1: Wash your beard

Step 2: Trim your beard

Step 3: Apply shaving gel

Step 4: Shave

Wash Your Beard

Prep for beard styling by washing beard with Gatsby Face & Beard Wash Deep Foam and warm water to cleanse it of oil and dirt. The facial foam contains natural extracts of Neem, Aloe Vera and Menthol which cleanses the face thoroughly and softens the beard. Neem moisturizes the skin beneath the beard, Aloe Vera helps to soften the beard and Menthol provides a cooling sensation, helping to reduce skin dryness. Next, run a wide toothed comb through the beard to loosen the tangles and brush hair all in the same direction.

Trim Your Beard

It can be difficult to style a thick mane. Trimming your beard makes it a lot easier to style it. If you are happy with the length of your beard though, take a pair of grooming scissors and snip off the stragglers.

Apply Shaving Gel

Next, slather on some Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type on your beard to lubricate the skin and soften facial hair. Menthol provides a cooling sensation to your skin.


Now that you are ready to shave, grab that razor and get going. A key benefit of the transparent gel is that you can see the skin underneath which helps you to shape the beard or moustache making beard styling easy. The gel makes your daily shave smoother and cleaner leaving you completely refreshed and smelling great.

The Right Tools

A multitude of tools for grooming facial hair are available on market shelves. You don't need them all, only the right tools which will aid you to style your beard to perfection. You would require a razor or trimmer though! Let's dive into the other requirements:

Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type: You might think that shaving a few small areas with a dry razor is a good idea. It's not! Always lubricate the area to be shaved with some shaving gel to moisturize your skin. Your skin will thank you for it! Once you apply the shaving gel, it is time to put the razor to your beard.

Trimmer: Invest in a good trimmer with guards. The trimmer guards help you set a length and safely trim the excess hair. Always start with a long guard and then switch to a lower guard, if needed. This will help you in not shaving off too much hair.

Razor: You will require a straight razor with a sharp, stainless steel blade, a skillset as well as some patience to do the job right. Razors allow you to have that close shave with detailed precision.

Magnifying Mirror: The devil is in the details! A magnifying mirror helps to focus on a specific area of the face which is hidden or difficult to see. Magnifying mirrors provide a 3x magnification, ensuring you achieve an enhanced shaving experience with a sharp, clean-shaven look, a precise stubble or a fashionable beard appearance.

Comb: You will need a wide-toothed comb or a brush to straighten out the tangles in your beard before you start trimming. A comb helps to brush out dirt in the beard, it stimulates the hair follicles and distributes the natural oils in the beard.

Shaping Your Beard

Always start the beard grooming process by thoroughly washing your face and wiping it dry with a towel.

Trim: Use a comb to straighten out your facial hair. If you are happy with your beard's length, then use a scissor and cut the ends of the hair along the length of the comb. Then use a trimmer and even out your beard.

Always remember to start with a longer guard. This will ensure that you do not cut off more hair than required. If you want a shorter beard then use your trimmer with a lower guard and start running it through your beard.

Sideburns: Sideburns are an essential part when shaping your beard. Uneven sideburns do not complement your beard style. Use your trimmer to trim your sideburns. Start with the largest guard and then work your way downward to the lowest. Remember, you can always cut more hair later. Stop at an acceptable length.

The Moustache: Awesome moustaches don't happen by accident. They are a work of art. The moustache remains an iconic look that can add stylish flair to a man's face. Just like your sideburns, the moustache is also an essential part of your beard grooming routine. Do not overlook the growing moustache that intrudes over your lips onto your upper lip. Use a rounded scissor to cut off that extra hair and give yourself a stylish and well-kempt stache.

Tips to Style Your Beard

Here are a few tips to help you have an awesome beard.

Use the Largest Setting: Remember to start backward and use the maximum setting on your trimmer. As we mentioned before, it is easy to cut the hair off, but it is not easy to grow your hair back.

Frequent Trimming: Trimming your beard frequently ensures that the hair on your beard remains soft and prevents it from getting scratchy. Another benefit of trimming your beard frequently is that you can shape it however you want as they grow the way you want it.

For those people who do not like to spend a lot of time styling their beards, trimming is going to be your best friend.

Use Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type: The shaving gel is transparent which allows you to see where clearly your blade is going. It makes beard styling easy and the experience more comfortable. Foaming shaving gels make it difficult to see where you are trimming and that's where the Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type steps in.

The shaving gel refreshes and softens your beard and gives you a fresh feeling along with a deep shave. It contains menthol and leaves you with a cool feeling after use. The fresh aqua citrus fragrance ensures that you smell awesome.

The Final Setting: We recommend you to try the Gatsby Moustache & Beard Styling Wax to hold your beard style. The wax is made up of natural ingredients and is non greasy. The Moustache & Beard Styling Wax has a high setting ability and is long lasting, supporting any style.


You are now well equipped to sport an awesome beard. You know how to use Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type and shape your beard. Then style it with Gatsby Moustache & Beard Styling Wax. It's time to hop around town and flaunt that beard now!