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How to clean your face and style your beard this summer


It is time to gear up with some defensive tips on summer skin survival. Whether it is your skin or beard, both require delicate care and attention to beat the sweltering summer's heat.


The sebaceous glands in your skin produce sebum oil in excess during summer when humidity is high. This natural oil coats the skin causing greasiness and stickiness resulting in blocked pores.

People with oily skin are most prone to having acne breakouts during summer.

The production of melanin also increases when your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays during summer. Melanin is photoprotective and shields the skin from the sun, protecting it from sun damage. Excess production of melanin results in tanned and dark skin.


The brutal pollution and unyielding heat have an undesirable effect on the beard. Your beard collects dust and dirt due to sweating in the summer. As a result, beard hair might become weak and coarse. This does not mean that you cannot sport a beard during summer. You just need to be summer-ready and maintain your beard in tiptop shape.

How To Clean Your Face & Beard During Summer?

Have a Skincare Routine

Start a skincare routine and remember to follow it. Use foaming face cleansers rather than gel based products as they are lightweight and instantly turn into a micro rich foam when combined with water. It works hard to remove excess oil and impurities and washes off easily to reveal clean, soft and smooth skin. Use twice daily for best results.

Wash Your Beard

Summer's heat brings with it a generous deposit of sweat, oil, minerals, and salt onto the skin's surface, ejected through the pores. Your beard can become dull and look unkempt due to this. It is essential to clean and wash your beard regularly to remove dirt and residue and to keep facial hair and skin healthy, moisturized and smelling great.

Drink Water and Hydrate

Skin hydration is very important, especially during the summer months when the body loses more water through perspiration. Drinking enough water works wonders for your skin and hair health. While an adequate consumption of water improves skin texture, complexion and elasticity, a hydrating face mask is also a good option for calming relaxation and keeping your face and beard well hydrated.


The heat and humidity of summer can make facial hair wild, frizzy, and itchy. See a good barber to trim your beard and maintain the proper health and shape of your facial hair. Alternately, you may also wish to invest in a quality beard trimmer and master the art of beard styling at home. Brush your beard regularly to detangle facial hair and tame flyaways while training it to grow in a downward direction.

Use Gatsby Face and Beard Wash Deep Foam

It is important to cleanse your face of sweat and grime and keep pores unclogged.

The facial foam cleanses the face thoroughly and softens the beard. The face and beard wash contains the goodness of natural extracts of Neem, Aloe Vera and Menthol which leaves your skin feeling fresh all day long. Neem moisturizes the skin beneath the beard while Aloe Vera helps to soften the beard. Menthol provides a cooling sensation and helps to reduce skin dryness.


Replenish moisture after washing to hydrate and protect your beard and the skin beneath. Use a Pure and Natural Beard Oil to hydrate facial hair, lock in moisture and protect your beard from UV damage. The goodness of Olive, Avocado, Sesame and Jojoba Oils aid beard growth, deeply nourishes, reduces skin dryness and softens the beard. It repairs damaged hair and restores your beard's natural shine. Your beard will love you for it! Use a beard brush to evenly distribute beard oil in your facial hair. Well moisturized and hydrated skin and hair feels softer and looks healthier.


Cleanse your face and beard regularly with Face and Beard Wash Deep Foam. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub at least twice a week to wash away dead skin cells and prevent ingrowth. Ensure that the scrub is suitable for your skin type and gently massage in a circular motion. Try the Gatsby Cooling Face Wash & Scrub Series: Perfect Clean, Clear Whitening & Oil Control.

Use Sunscreen

While beards offer some degree of protection from the sun, it may not protect you nearly as much as you think it does. You will still have to use a daily moisturizer with SPF to prevent skin damage. The sunscreen helps to keep your skin hydrated while protecting you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Don't skimp on the sunscreen. Use it at least once a day even if you decide to stay indoors and multiple applications will have you covered if you are venturing out during the day.

How To Style Your Beard?

Trimming and maintaining a beard is a grooming essential which involves technique and aesthetics.

Use a beard trimmer with an appropriate guard to create your desired design and style. The type of guard to be used depends on the length of your beard.

Prep to Style

Wash your beard clean. Run a wide toothed comb through your beard to loosen the hair and brush out the tangles.

Begin By Using a Longer Guard

Its best to begin with a longer guard, probably #4, and cut against the grain working on the whole beard at first. Comb the hair back into its natural position with every pass to ensure that each hair is cut consistently. Then use a shorter guard to lend shape to your beard. Use an edging tool to finish and remove any excess hair outside of the beard. Lastly, brush the beard to clean up and remove any loose hair. Work a few drops of Beard Oil into your hands and massage into the beard for softness and control.

Face Shape Decides Your Style

Beards can be of any shape, size, or style. There is a beard shape to celebrate your features specifically. Before determining the best beard shape for you, also keep in mind your current hairstyle to give you a complete picture. Some guys will rock a mega beard while others might want a more tailored and attractive chin scarf. It's all about suitability!

To help you get your Ideal Beard Shape, use Gatsby Shaving Gel Cool Type, which is a transparent gel that allows you to clearly see what parts of your beard you are shaving and helps you have a smooth and precise shave. The shaving gel refreshes and softens your beard and gives you a fresh feeling that lasts long. The gel contains menthol which gives your face a cool sensation during and after use. The fresh aqua citrus fragrance leaves you smelling great after each use.

Keep Your Beard in Sync with Your Hair

Take care not to overgrow. Always style your beard with a sense of symmetry and aim for a perfectly seamless blend of hair and beard.

We recommend you to try the Gatsby Moustache & Beard Styling Wax to style your beard. The wax is made up of natural ingredients and is non greasy. The Moustache & Beard Styling Wax has a high setting ability and is long lasting, supporting any style.

Always Fade

A beard fade is a smooth graduation of longer to shorter hair lengths, basically anywhere there is a hardline which you wish to soften and create a natural look rather than a sharp distinct line. Crisper edges look good on thicker beards but once you have summer lengthened hair, you would want a seamless taper from your chin to your neck. To achieve this, use a #1 guard on your trimmer and taper towards the direction of your chin then down to your neck. Your chin should always have thicker, denser and longer hair compared to your neck.

Match the Beard Color with The Color of Your Eyebrows

If you decide to color your beard then choose a color that matches the color of your eyebrows. This results in a far more natural and dignified look and maintains the symmetry of your face.

Work On It

Sporting a great beard is something to be proud of. But the journey does not end once you have achieved your desired length and style. Proper care and attention is essential to keep it in a fresh and healthy condition. With the right products and techniques you can ensure that you retain that awesomeness.


Being summer-ready is not a big deal. Cleansing your face and grooming your beard is important. Commit to the process and discover cool ways to style your beard with different lengths, shapes and designs. Keep your beard well-groomed with Gatsby Face and Beard Wash Deep Foam It cleanses and softens your beard while conditioning it. It moisturizes the skin beneath your beard and reduces skin dryness.