Long Hair Styling for Men

Wildly popular amongst surfers, skateboarders and rock gods, the trend club of long-haired men continues to gain entrants, all thanks to the immensely fashionable appeal.


Long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men are now becoming eye-locking. As the monody of lockdown groaned on, the number of guys who thought "ah, this looks good actually" swelled in proportion, and there's every single reason you can join them – on condition that you have a few things ticked off. Agreeable?

Foremost, you need the length, but we are assuming you've already got that. What's more, genetics need to be on your side too. Thin or fine hair can appear even more scattered without regular trims, which, again, might make an at-home buzzcut all the more attractive. But if you have a thicker, fuller growth (lucky boy!), then kudos: A long hairstyle is just for you.

The pros are legion. Apart from long hair being versatile, it also brings in a particular strain of loucheness that no other haircut can offer. From manes that reach the lower back to shoulder-scraping style(s), long hairstyles for men are adaptable and stylish. Whether it’s flaired with texture, or dramatically parted, hairstyles for long hair can be styled for any occasion.

With so many options for hairstyle(s) for men with long hair, all you have to do is pick your favorite from this gallery of modern haircuts.


quiff quiff2

Whilst researching men’s haircuts, you’ve probably come across the quiff hairstyle. This much popular yet surprisingly classic ‘do' has been around for a century or a bit more, but it’s having a serious comeback at the moment.

Rocked by style informers like Conor McGregor, Justin Bieber, and David Beckham, this edgy haircut doesn’t discriminate. It can be worn by men with a punky side, a rebellious side, or a preppy side which is a part of the reason why the Quiff hairstyle is one of the most requested cuts of the century.

Talking about the decades, the QUIFF hairstyle has become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles for long hair. It’s up there with the pompadour and the undercut. The curiosity increases whether or not you are looking for a fashionable style that’s survived the test of time? If YES, then the quiff hairstyle for men just might be for you.

The quiff hairstyle is suitable for both, casual and professional situations; perfectly layered as longer on top and shorter on the back and sides. The real-time difference is the top of the hair, styled upward and perfectly slightly back combed for an eye-catching, textured look.

You’ll be needing high-quality products, and you can choose hair spray, pomade, gel, or wax, depending on the exact type of style you’re going for. A quick tip: Pomade will give your quiff a shinier alongside slicker look to it. Gel and wax will add prominent texture to your hair, thus, helping to maximize and preserve volume.



Not to miss another popular hairstyle for long hair, the Pompadour is easily the most recognizable hair(do) out there.

In one word: Elvis

The King of Rock and Roll rocked a high-volume pompadour as part of his iconic style.

Pompadour - A style of dressing long hair wherein the front hair is significantly rolled back and the hair on the sides meet it in a roll that is drawn high over the forehead

Just FYI: This style was introduced by ‘Madame de Pompadour’, mistress of King Louis XV of France, and was followed by members of his court. Styling the hair with a pompadour touch was favored in the 20th century. Men brushed the front hair back to create the illusion of a mass of puffy hair, and women used hair pads to create the raised pompadour.

Over the years the style has evolved with several variations. You can wear it long or short, disconnected, paired with an undercut, and much more. Looking forward to style it? We’ve already included our favorites for you.



And you thought that the man bun was just a passing fad? No way! Known as one of the trending hairstyles for long hair, this seems to be a runaway for the long haul. No surprise because sporting a man bun is versatile, easy-to-do for guys with long hair, with practicality as its number one feature.

Anyone with more than 5-6 inches of hair length can pull off this hairstyle by twisting their hair into a bun at the back of the head alongside securing it with a hair tie. The pulled-back look is unadorned and suits a range of face shapes, thus, creating a look that is universally flattering.

Whilst it does have the added benefit of looking trendy, the man bun is also effective at keeping your hair back and out of your face. You can take a pick between a loose, messy bun and a tight, sleek bun. With less than five minutes of styling time, the man bun is the copybook choice for those wanting a longer hairstyle that works on every occasion.



Stylish and easy, messy hairstyles continue to be a popular trend globally. Tired of giving your hair that prim & proper look? A Messy hairstyle has got your casual look covered.

Low-maintenance and versatile, this messy hairstyle works for long hair. Pairing the tousled hair on top-notch with an undercut on the sides and back or a taper fade. And whilst few people may think that disheveled hair is about showcasing your hairstyle a ‘mess’, but, the truth is that a trendy unkempt hairstyle absolutely requires some effort. It’s all about making your messy hair look laid-back and effortless.

To maximize a messy hairstyle for long hair, all you need to do is wet your hair and apply a styling product from Gatsby's extensive hair styling range (Gatsby Styling Wax Hard & Free). It works fantastically well because it’s specifically designed to provide a light hold with a textured healthy shine. Let your hair dry naturally and you won’t have to make do with a dull or frizzy, flat style.



Not to miss another very trendy and popular ‘WAVY’ hairstyle for long hair, which is all about dimension and texture. Limelight by Harry Styles, the look features a deconstructed pompadour and waves of medium density and texture. This is the style of heartthrobs.

The wavy look is wearable for almost any face shape but is best suited to those with a layered cut with natural hair movement. To replicate, apply Gatsby Styling Gel Ultra Hold for a long-lasting hairstyle and matte finish. Once the hair is completely dry, take the front section and lightly backcomb before setting with hairspray.


undercut HairStyle

Looking for a hairstyle to give your long hair new life? Consider getting an undercut.

Ask your barber to shave your hair from the sides and from the back of your head. You will forthwith create an incredible contrast between the undercut sections and the long hair left on the top of your head. Afterward, let your long locks fall onto one side for an attitude-filled-in appearance.

An undercut hairstyle works just as well with a topknot, ponytail, or man bun all of which are supreme for the warmer months as well as for formal occasions.



Preferably styled with medium-long locks, the slick-back look is suave and easy to achieve. An alternative to sporting a ponytail or a man bun, this hairstyle for long hair looks just as effortlessly cool with a tailored suit as it does with streetwear.

For fine hair, a high shine look is ace and can be achieved by pulling-off fingers through clean hair using a medium hold styling product (Gatsby Water Gloss - Soft). Guys with layered locks or curly hair can flaunt this look by sweeping the front section of hair back with a styling wax or pomade (Gatsby Styling Wax – Mat & Hard) for greater hold.


Side-swept Side-swept2

Side-swept is an unusual asymmetric variation of the undercut hairstyle for long hair. Not for everyone, this version adds high definition to the sides with hair on the back shortly trimmed in the traditional undercut fashion. Hair on the top has a few inches extra length which on the front can go (as far) down as your chin or even past your chin (the choice is all yours). Precisely, it’s a kind of asymmetrical take on the undercut that merges the urbane look of the side-swept with the bold look of long hair.

Time to get up, push back, and go for a suitable hairstyle for long hair – or at least that's the mirage. How about giving it an on-the-notch look with the Gatsby styling products?