The right hair products can get you stylishly ramp ready in no time.

Finding the right product or a combination of products to satisfy all your hair styling needs can be a task though. With an influx of products at our disposal, not all of them being pocket friendly, it can seem like a gargantuan task.

In all probability, you have already faced this obstacle which is the reason why you have stuck with the same haircut for the past few years.

With the dawning of a new age in fashion, exciting times are upon us, indeed! It's time you step out of your comfort zone and try something different, if not new.

Being experimental is great but not all products are made for you. There are products to add volume to your mane, suited for guys with thin hair whereas other products work wonders for men with thick shiny locks. Which brings us back to the dilemma of finding the right product for your specific hair styling needs.

Let us try to resolve your problem with a breakdown of some hair styling products and tell you what each one does to help you figure out the best options for you.

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If you’re looking for an extreme hold, wax is the way to go. You can choose from a range of options as some variants will give you a glossy finish while others might be suitable for a natural or matte look. The formulation allows you to style and re-style your hair as many times as required and you don’t need to use a lot of the product to achieve the desired result.

Hair styling wax might not be a go to styling option for men with fine hair but can work wonders to create those feathered and textured styles for men with thicker hair. Apply wax on clean dry hair, focusing on the areas that need most shaping and control. Wax formulation provides flexibility so that you can reshape and restyle your hair throughout the day, as many times as needed. Hair wax can also invariably be used on your moustache and beard to tame the hair and maintain a definite shape. However, if styled daily, you should invest in a good beard styling wax to style as well as moisturize your facial hair.

Who should use wax?

Optimum for men with thick hair that has a more natural lift to it. Hair wax used on towel-dried hair adds more texture to help create a feathered look and is best suited for very short to medium hair lengths, just be sure to invest in a good wax for hair styling.



Preferred by a majority of men, pomade has become the hot new favorite amongst barbers world over, as well as hair enthusiasts. Applying pomade is easy as it gives a more natural flow to the styling process while providing a nice hold. You can even run your hands through your hair without messing up the hairstyle!

When selecting a pomade, you will choose one of two formula base options available to you - oil base or aqua base. For men with dry hair, oil-based products can do the trick and will give your hair that greased look, the only downside being the slight difficulty in washing off the product. On the other hand, aqua-based pomade gives your hair a better hold and shine and is also a lot easier to wash off.

Who should use Pomade?

Men with any hair type and different hair lengths will find pomade to be the product that they have sought for a long time. For a manicured look, it is the perfect product and lets you create diverse pomade haircut styles ranging from a Pompadour to a Side Swept and you need to check out Gatsby styling pomade for the perfect look



At one time, hair setting sprays were perhaps the most popular choice for hairstyling by both men and women alike. A hair setting spray is versatile and can tame various hair types. Reason why you should always have a can around.

Hair sprays can be used before or after blow-drying and in conjunction with other products and even though it gives a structure when applied before styling, it shines through when used for finishing and locks that style in place when used on the tips. It adds volume to your hair and even sustains it for the whole day when sprayed near the hair roots giving it a lifted effect. It is a lifesaver when the days are humid and gives a firm lift to limp hair with a strong bundling effect. You have options of the holding power that you desire - flexible, medium, or maximum hold as also the shine effect from low to extreme shine.

Who should use Hair spray?

Men with fine hair should opt for hair sprays as it creates volume. Hair sprays are also best used as a finisher when combined with other hair styling products such as pomade, gel, or wax to attain that final finish.



Hairstyling products evolve over time, and hair gel is the most versatile of them all. It can be used before or after you’ve dried your hair. If you opt to use gel before you blow-dry your hair, it will add a layer that’ll give your hair the weight that it needs which in turn makes the hair seem thick. Choose a product that suits you best, based on whether you want shine finish or if you want a mat effect.

With umpteen products available on shelves, it can be quite daunting to make a choice. If you want a more natural-looking hairstyle, opt for a low-strength variant but if your hair is long and requires more styling, you need to pick an alternative that promises a strong hold. A gel base is easy to use as it moves smoothly around your hair and lets you create an assortment of hairstyles.


Another upside of using gels is that your hairstyle will hold firm for a long time as your hair gets stiff after application and unless you break the style or wash the product off it will keep in place. But, if you’re unsure about a gel base start with a product that has a more flexible hold and that will let you restyle throughout the day.

Frosted tips, a very prominent men's style was all the rage at one time and gels were touted as the most popular styling product. But over time, trends have changed, and new styling options are in the market to address trendier styling needs of fashionistas. While gel still does what it sets out to do, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ultimate power that a gel provides.

Who should use Gel?

Though this product is a go-to for men with a fuller head of hair, men with thin hair should ideally stay away from hair gels. Best suited for very short to medium hair lengths, it adds oomph and shine to your thick dense locks.

On that note:

We are sure that after reading this article, you will want to expand your hairstyling arsenal. Keep in mind, find the perfect combination of products that suit your hair and personal style.

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